When ANCORP Was On ‘How Its Made’

A little over 3 years ago, we made our television debut on the Science Channel show How Its Made. Our segment in the episode showcases our patented ball valve manufacturing process from beginning to end, including sawing, drilling, grinding, sanding and deburring, polishing, flange welding, cleaning, assembly, laser engraving, and leak testing.

Florida’s High Tech Corridor Council

ANCORP is pleased to announce that our Director of Engineering, Paul Sergile, was recently featured in the Florida based magazine, “The Florida High Tech Corridor” in their Faces of Technology article. In this video, Paul describes what it’s like to work as the Director of Engineering in the High and Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) Industry.


Empowering science and technology since 1965, ANCORP is committed to excellence in everything we do. The foundation for it all is our unique culture. The 26 Fundamentals that follow describe the behaviors that define that culture. They’re what set us apart and drive our success. We call it: The ANCORP Way.