ANCORP Is Going Green!

ANCORP is proud to announce many new initiatives that we will be implementing in order to reduce our footprint on the environment! Our company has always taken pride in being environmentally conscious, so these new steps are only increasing our commitment to being as “green” as possible. Here are our exciting new initiatives:

  • Separating our power grid to reduce power consumption
  • Increased inspections on parts made
  • LED Lighting throughout buildingenvironment
  • Cardboard and paper recycling
  • Aluminum recycling
  • Water bottle recycling
  • Eliminating styrofoam cups
  • Recycling used oil
  • Hand dryers in restrooms
  • Motion sensor faucets

We are very proud to join the many organizations that put a major focus on preserving our planet, and we as a company will keep making efforts to reduce our footprint moving into the future!