Hi Manny and Brian,

Just wanted to extend a personal thank you for your help, follow up and partnership to expedite these elbows. They are part of a very critical exhaust system in Germany and mount a high-resolution Oxygen analyzer. Your expedite will enable us to refine the exhaust system and finish qualifications.

Please pass on our thanks to your fabricators as well.

Best Regards,


Jonny Golder
Global Product Support Manager
SPT Micro Technologies USA inc.

Expedited Elbows

Before switching to the ANCORP XL ball valve design, air leaks into our vacuum exhaust lines through the stem seal on the standard (OEM) ball valves were a major source of unplanned downtime. In addition to the lost productivity and direct repair expenses, we also suffered collateral expenses due to reactions between the atmosphere and the process gasses in the exhaust line.

The introduction of the ANCORP XL ball valve has completely eliminated this costly failure mode, resulting in significant cost savings and increased equipment uptime. The XL ball valve design has exceeded our expectations; we are extremely pleased with its performance.

Dan Sutryn

2B – 200


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XL Ball Valves