Chamber Lighting

Researchers have been working in the dark—straining to see inside a dimly lit vacuum chamber. You’ve tried hand-held flashlights or integrated “goose-neck” lamps and have been blinded by the glare on the glass or have had your view blocked by the light source itself.

ANCORP developed the Illum-A-View—a lightweight ring fitted with bright white LEDs that shine directly into your chamber with minimal viewing obstruction—as a solution. Illum-A-View easily fits over existing viewports, allowing you to shine a light on your research.

  • Slim design machined from lightweight aluminum
  • Bright white LEDs focus light into your chamber, always stay cool to the touch, and have a lifespan of over 30,000 hours
  • Available in standard viewport sizes: CF275 · CF450 · CF600 · CF800 · CF1000
  • Mounts securely onto viewport at any angle using 3 small set screws
  • Plugs directly into standard AC outlet