316SS-Al Bimetal Face Gland Fittings

316SS/Al Bimetal Face Gland fittings offer high-quality seals for UHV systems. Face gland fittings connect system components through a pipe cross section with one weldable end and the other a VCR®-style connection.


  • UHV/XHV rated to 1×10-13 Torr
  • Available in butt weld, socket weld, and male weld styles
  • Sizes from 1/4″ to 1″
  • Compatible with VCR®-style hardware


  • Materials
    • Body / Weld Interface: 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Sealing Surface: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Fastening
    • Nut Type: VCR®-style male/female
  • Vacuum Range: 1×10-13 Torr
  • Temperature Range: -200°C to 150°C

*Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise specified

Part IDReference NumberA B C D Tube Size Type VCR® Size Figure 3D CADUnit PriceIn StockQty, Add To Cart
Part IDLOS0520015Reference Number025-BWFG-316ALA 1.1B C 0.18D Tube Size 4-JanType Butt WeldVCR® Size 4-JanFigure 13D CADLoginUnit Price$110.00-
Part IDLOS0520016Reference Number025-SWFG-316ALA 1.31B 0.28C 0.18D 0.35Tube Size 4-JanType Socket WeldVCR® Size 4-JanFigure 23D CADLoginUnit Price$113.00-
Part IDLOS0520017Reference Number025-MWFG-316ALA 1.31B 0.41C 0.12D Tube Size 4-JanType Male WeldVCR® Size 4-JanFigure 33D CADLoginUnit Price$113.00-
Part IDLOS0520018Reference Number038-BWFG-316ALA 1.1B C 0.18D Tube Size 8-MarType Butt WeldVCR® Size 2-JanFigure 13D CADLoginUnit Price$130.00-
Part IDLOS0520019Reference Number038-SWFG-316ALA 1.5B 0.31C 0.28D 0.6Tube Size 8-MarType Socket WeldVCR® Size 2-JanFigure 23D CADLoginUnit Price$140.00-
Part IDLOS0520020Reference Number038-MWFG-316ALA 1.5B 0.41C 0.28D Tube Size 8-MarType Male WeldVCR® Size 2-JanFigure 33D CADLoginUnit Price$140.00-
Part IDLOS0520021Reference Number050-BWFG-316ALA 1.1B C 0.4D Tube Size 2-JanType Butt WeldVCR® Size 2-JanFigure 13D CADLoginUnit Price$140.00-
Part IDLOS0520022Reference Number050-SWFG-316ALA 1.5B 0.38C 0.4D 0.6Tube Size 2-JanType Socket WeldVCR® Size 2-JanFigure 23D CADLoginUnit Price$150.00-
Part IDLOS0520023Reference Number050-MWFG-316ALA 1.5B 0.5C 0.4D Tube Size 2-JanType Male WeldVCR® Size 2-JanFigure 33D CADLoginUnit Price$150.00-
Part IDLOS0520024Reference Number075-BWFG-316ALA 1.1B C 0.65D Tube Size 4-MarType Butt WeldVCR® Size 4-MarFigure 13D CADLoginUnit Price$165.00-
Part IDLOS0520025Reference Number075-SWFG-316ALA 2B 0.44C 0.62D 0.88Tube Size 4-MarType Socket WeldVCR® Size 4-MarFigure 23D CADLoginUnit Price$176.00-
Part IDLOS0520026Reference Number075-MWFG-316ALA 2B 0.62C 0.53D Tube Size 4-MarType Male WeldVCR® Size 4-MarFigure 33D CADLoginUnit Price$176.00-
Part IDLOS0520027Reference Number100-BWFG-316ALA 1.1B C 0.87D Tube Size 1Type Butt WeldVCR® Size 1Figure 13D CADLoginUnit Price$177.00-
Part IDLOS0520028Reference Number100-SWFG-316ALA 2.22B 0.62C 0.87D 1.19Tube Size 1Type Socket WeldVCR® Size 1Figure 23D CADLoginUnit Price$191.00-
Part IDLOS0520029Reference Number100-MWFG-316ALA 2.22B 0.81C 0.75D Tube Size 1Type Male WeldVCR® Size 1Figure 33D CADLoginUnit Price$191.00-