General Vacuum Accessories

As a leading manufacturing facility specializing in highly specialized components for high and ultra-high vacuum applications, we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions tailored to elevate your vacuum systems. Our range of accessories is arranged to enhance your flange assemblies’ efficiency, longevity, and reliability.

Vacuum Grease

Maintain the performance of your elastomer-sealed flange assemblies with our vacuum grease. Specially formulated to lubricate, it ensures smooth operation and optimal functionality.

Flange Caps

Enjoy the simplicity of safeguarding your unused vacuum flanges during shipping or storage. Flange caps are designed to provide protection without compromise. This added attention to detail ensures your components remain in pristine condition, ready for vacuum use whenever you need them.

Anti-Seize Thread Lubricant

Thread lubricant is essential for guarding against galling of stainless-steel bolts, nuts, or tapped bolt holes.

12-Point Wrenches

Twelve-point wrenches are a recommended tool for the installation of some products, CF flanges for example. Ensure your assembly process remains efficient by having the right tools for the job.


Service Kits and Accessories that are product-specific can be found on the products’ corresponding offering page.

*Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise specified

Part IDReference NumberDescription Unit PriceIn StockQty, Add To Cart
Part ID0605113Reference Number12-POINT WRENCHDescription 12-Point Wrench Fits CF 12-Point BoltsUnit Price$24.30Contact
Part ID0600515Reference NumberPC-CF133Description 1 Plastic cap for CF133 flangeUnit Price$1.3564
Part ID0605208Reference NumberASTLDescription Anti-seizure Bolt Lubricant 1 oz.Unit Price$11.253
Part ID0600516Reference NumberPC-CF212Description 1 Plastic cap for CF212 flangeUnit Price$1.35Contact
Part ID0600001Reference NumberGREASE-DCDescription Dow Corning HV Grease 5.3 oz.Unit Price$34.0024
Part ID0600517Reference NumberPC-CF275Description 1 Plastic cap for CF275 flangeUnit Price$1.351076
Part ID0600518Reference NumberPC-CF338Description 1 Plastic cap for CF338 flangeUnit Price$1.80185
Part ID0600519Reference NumberPC-CF450Description 1 Plastic cap for CF450 flangeUnit Price$2.251257
Part ID0600520Reference NumberPC-CF462Description 1 Plastic cap for CF462 flangeUnit Price$2.25650
Part ID0600521Reference NumberPC-CF600Description 1 Plastic cap for CF600 flangeUnit Price$2.254105
Part ID0600522Reference NumberPC-CF800Description 1 Plastic cap for CF800 flangeUnit Price$2.70800
Part ID0600523Reference NumberPC-CF1000Description 1 Plastic cap for CF1000 flangeUnit Price$4.50750
Part ID0600524Reference NumberPC-CF1200Description 1 Plastic cap for CF1200 flangeUnit Price$5.40120
Part ID0600525Reference NumberPC-CF1325Description 1 Plastic cap for CF1325 flangeUnit Price$6.75Contact
Part ID0600505Reference NumberPC-LF63Description 1 Plastic cap for ISO-LF63 flangeUnit Price$2.251717
Part ID0600506Reference NumberPC-LF80Description 1 Plastic cap for ISO-LF80 flangeUnit Price$2.70789
Part ID0600507Reference NumberPC-LF100Description 1 Plastic cap for ISO-LF100 flangeUnit Price$3.152200
Part ID0600501Reference NumberPC-QF16Description 1 Plastic cap for ISO-QF16 flange or UF16 flangeUnit Price$1.351151
Part ID0600502Reference NumberPC-QF25Description 1 Plastic cap for ISO-QF25 flange or UF25 flangeUnit Price$1.356144
Part ID0600503Reference NumberPC-QF40Description 1 Plastic cap for ISO-QF40 flange or UF40 flangeUnit Price$1.35498
Part ID0600504Reference NumberPC-QF50Description 1 Plastic cap for ISO-QF50 flange or UF50 flangeUnit Price$1.80Contact