Welcome To ANCORP

US ManufacturerANCORP was founded on one principle: helping our customers solve problems. Since 1965, we have provided high and ultra-high vacuum solutions to manufacturers, scientists, and researchers around the globe.

Over the last year, our leadership team has seen immense opportunity to grow alongside our customer’s needs. Under the guidance of new executive management, we have renamed our company from A&N Corporation to ANCORP and launched a new website, focused on serving our customers better than ever before.

Our rename and brand image is more than an aesthetic change: It represents a refocus on the mission our company was founded on and a reinvention of the way we serve our customers.

“We strive to empower our customers with the reliability, quality and speed of delivery that they deserve.” Nicholas Wagner, Marketing Manager.

Our mission to empower transformative science and technology is at the center of our brand identity and the new website is a key tool we use to fulfill that mission.

What The New Website Means For Our Partners

Our website is an extension of our commitment to solve the problems of our customers and partners. We’ve prioritized features that mean the most to our customers, making it easier for them to find what they need quickly. The website provides essential product information, and facilitates a more efficient purchase experience. Users will notice upgrades to the following features on the website:

Comprehensive Search

Our improved search feature allows our customers to quickly search for products by part ID or reference number, making it even easier to find the exact products they need.

Custom Quotes

With our custom quote feature, customers can now request a quote for custom and standard products. The new “Quote Cart” feature allows users to request quotes on multiple products and quantities. Custom order quotes can also be submitted with drawing uploads and specifications.

New Shipping Features

Our customers have product needs all around the world, and we’ve improved the shipping features on our website to meet those needs. Our new shipping feature allows customers to ship to multiple places within the same order, providing more flexibility in shipping options. We have also added the ability to store multiple shipping addresses on the same profile.

Updated Resources

We have updated the resources on the website and provided additional information on our product specifications. With updated manuals and technical data sheets, our customers have access to the specifications they need for their application.

Explore ANCORP

With a refreshed vision for the future and a passion for empowering science and technology, our company is eager to provide high-quality solutions and service to the people pushing discoveries forward. Explore our new website to purchase products, request quotes, and find the resources you need.