316LN ConFlat Flanges For Sensitive UHV Applications


We are pleased to announce the addition of 316LN austenitic stainless steel to our ConFlat Flange product line!


316LN SS ConFlat flanges can be utilized from ultra-high vacuum, UHV, through extreme high vacuum, XHV, applications. These flanges are ideal for use in magnetically sensitive UHV/XHV systems when mounting instrumentation, gauges, feedthroughs, and other components. This application serves the research and development industry in superconductors, beamlines, x-rays, spectroscopy, and lasers.

Refined through an electroslag remelting (ESR) process, the AISI 316LN (EN 1.4429ESR) stainless steel alloy offers greater grain homogeneity with a reduction in non-metal inclusions compared to its 316L counterpart. The 316LN alloy also differs from 316L in its nitrogen content. As a result, 316LN offers increased material strength while maintaining high ductility in cryogenic temperature ranges. Incorporating 316LN ConFlat flanges into your next design will allow you to take advantage of the numerous benefits this alloy has to offer.

These benefits include:

  • Low magnetic permeability (μmax= 1.005)
  • Increased resistance to heat hardening
  • Increased resistance to irradiation damage
  • Resistance to sensitization
  • Resistance to corrosion

Resistance to heat hardening is a consideration for procedures such as bake-outs and annealing that require high temperatures to obtain desired process results. The chemical microstructure of 316LN ensures irradiation resistance while maintaining weldability. This allows continued compatibility of ConFlat flanges with our offering of ultra-high vacuum components such as:

To request a custom component configured with 316LN ConFlat flanges, please submit a request for quote form.