Vacuum Valves

Vacuum valves are used to control the passage and flow of gas within a vacuum system. An isolation valve, also called a shut-off valve, stops gas flow to a section of a vacuum system for the purpose of isolating a vacuum line, load lock, or chamber. They are also used for directing flow from one path to another and connecting components and equipment to a vacuum system. Vacuum control valves are used for controlling gas flows through vacuum system by changing the conductance of the valve.

ANCORP offers a wide selection of vacuum valves suitable for a variety of vacuum applications from rough and HV industrial, semiconductor, and coating processes to UHV and XHV systems for research and development.


High Vacuum Ball Valves

ANCORP’s high vacuum ball valves are well suited to harsh and particulate-rich environments. Ball valves have a simple design consisting of a body, stem, ball, and flanged end caps. The valve is opened and closed by turning the stem 90 degrees. The corrosive resistant, fast actuating design of ANCORP’s industry-leading high vacuum ball valves makes them ideal for isolating reactors, traps, and scrubbers on vacuum process tools.


The Multiport Ball Valve

ANCORP’s Multiport valve is a 1.5” high vacuum valve designed for 3-way, 4-way, or 5-way flow in demanding semiconductor and coating processes. The valve body can be equipped with flanged body ports or blank end caps, strategically positioned on the sides or bottom. Inside the valve, a ported ball, available in L-port, T-port, or other designs, is responsible for the smooth rotation that redirects the flow between the various body ports. Its modular design and configurable components enable a variety of flow patterns through the valve.


VAT Vacuum Valves

ANCORP is a North American distributor of VAT vacuum valves. We offer a variety of VAT manufactured angle valves, gate valves, pendulum valves, butterfly valves, leak valves, and more.


Angle Valves

Angle valves, also called poppet valves, are made of a body, actuator, and internal poppet. The internal poppet is transported linearly to open and close the valve. Angle valves are excellent lower cost valves for isolation in rough vacuum through extreme high vacuum (XHV).


Gate Valves

Gate Valves provide straight through, unimpeded flow with a slim valve body profile. Gate valves are ideal for space constrained applications that require maximum conductance. Gate valves utilize a central carriage or gate that is raised and lowered by the actuator in the body.


Pendulum Valves

Pendulum valves offer vacuum isolation or downstream pressure control. A pendulum valve’s gate rotates smoothly in and out of position with low shock and vibration.


Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are used as vacuum control valves, isolation valves, or a combination of both. Butterfly valves operate with a circular plate, or flapper, that rotates to isolate or throttle flow through the valve.


Leak Valves

Vacuum leak valves provide precise control of flow for small gas volumes.


Custom Valves and Additional Options

If you are in need of a customized vacuum valve or a valve type that is not listed on our website, please contact us or request a quote by clicking the button below to speak with a sales engineer about your requirements.