ANCORP raw elbows are manufactured without a flange on each end of a curved section of tubing. This curved section of tubing is available in three different degrees of curvature: 45°, 90°, and 180°. A wide variety of system configurations and conductance requirements are served through the seven designs of elbow fittings offered across these curvatures. ANCORP manufactures standard elbows in 304 stainless steel, with other materials available on request.

45° Elbows

Forty-five-degree elbows are available as 45° radius elbows and 45° radius elbows with tangents.

90° Elbows

Ninety-degree elbows are available in four different designs: 90° radius elbow90° radius elbow with tangents, 90° mitered elbow, and 90° mitered high conductance elbow.

180° Elbows

One-hundred and eighty-degree elbows are available for those seeking a return elbow. The 180° radius elbow allows for a reversal of flow in a tight turn.

  • Tangents allows for an attachment of a clamped coupling or welded flange on an extended straight section of the elbow.
  • Mitered elbows denote a turn created from two tubes with 45° ends joining to create a 90° angle as opposed to using a radius curve to create an opening 90° from one end to another.