Weldable Viewports

Vacuum coating or other deposition based processes often result in an unclean system, in which the source material accumulates along the interior surface of the chamber and viewports. This accumulation of material ultimately leads to an obstruction of the user’s view.

Weldable viewports feature replaceable borosilicate glass or fused quartz viewing windows and provide a simple method of attaching an observation window to a vacuum system. Borosilicate glass windows allow for over 90 percent transmission of light within the visible electromagnetic spectrum (wavelength 400 – 700 nm), while fused quartz extends that transmission range into the ultraviolet region. The easy to replace port glass ensures continued visibility within your chamber.

The viewing window is held between a pair of sealing fluoroelastomer rings and compressed together by a retaining flange to form a high vacuum (1×10-8 Torr) seal.

Replacement parts for weldable viewports include replacement glass or quartz disks and fluorelastomer seal and bolt kits.