Vacuum Viewports

ANCORP offers a wide selection of vacuum viewports with borosilicate glass, quartz, fused silica, sapphire, zinc selenide, magnesium fluoride, and calcium fluoride windows and designs rated for high and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications.

Viewports, also known as windows or sight glasses, are commonly used to observe or illuminate processes inside of a vacuum chamber. In optical applications, viewports are used to transmit electromagnetic radiation into or out of a vacuum chamber. Viewport selection is typically based on requirements for flange type, transmission range, thermal stability, durability, and other optical and physical properties of the window material.

    • Borosilicate glass offers a wide, distortion-free viewing area and is best suited for general purposes such as viewing inside a chamber.
    • Fused silica has high transmission in the ultraviolet (UV) range and has excellent thermal and optical properties that makes it ideal for use in precision optics and laser applications.
    • Sapphire offers a broad transmission range from UV to near infrared (NIR) and is excellent for use in harsh environments or high temperatures.
    • Zinc selenide has high transmission in the infrared range and is used in IR applications such as thermal imaging.
    • Magnesium fluoride transmits across a wide range from the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) to mid-IR and is resistant to physical stress and thermal shock.
    • Calcium fluoride has a wide transmission range from UV to IR and has good chemical and laser damage resistance.
    • Weldable viewports feature replaceable elastomer-sealed fused quartz or borosilicate windows and are an excellent choice for attaching an observation window to high vacuum (1×10-8) coating systems.