Hybrid Adapters and Couplings

ANCORP hybrid adapter fittings allow vacuum users to connect two dissimilar vacuum flanges or a vacuum flange to a fitting used in conjunction with vacuum processes such as Swagelok®, VCR®, and NPT. To minimize the effect this transition fitting has on conductance, hybrid adapters are designed with the shortest length and with the largest inner diameter possible.

Flange-To-Flange Hybrid Adapters

Flange-to-flange adapters bridge different families of vacuum flanges, allowing for a secure and efficient linkage. These fittings allow transitions between two dissimilar flange families – for example, a CF flange to an ISO-QF. Common uses for these fittings include retrofitting an existing vacuum system or adding gauges and instrumentation.

This range of adapters offers the option of straight tubing or conical reducers to best serve your system conductance needs. Flange systems available for conversion are ASA flanges, ConFlat flanges, and ISO flanges of the QF and LF styles.

Flange-To-Fitting Hybrid Adapters

Flange to Fitting adapters allow transitions between standard vacuum flanges and various specialty fittings employed in a vacuum system. An example of this is a QF flange to VCR® fitting. Common uses for these fittings include the introduction of process gasses into a chamber or the addition of gauges or instrumentation.


Fitting-To-Fitting Hybrid Adapters

Fitting to Fitting adapters facilitate seamless transitions between various vacuum fittings, such as connecting a Baseplate to a VCR® fitting. These adapters enhance the compatibility and functionality of vacuum systems, with variations allowing for the mounting of gauges and instruments, adding tube ports, or connecting and disconnecting two sections of glass or metal tubing without welding.


Quick Disconnects (Couplings)

Quick disconnect fittings, essential for vacuum systems, provide swift sealing and unsealing on metal or glass tubing and are adaptable for various mounting methods. Their assembly typically includes a body, O-ring, retaining ring, and nut, with the nut compressing the O-ring as it’s tightened. ANCORP’s quick couplings, made of high-quality stainless steel with precise manufacturing, ensure consistency and cleanliness, offering reliable performance for diverse vacuum applications.