Chamber Accessories

Explore here our range of chamber accessories designed to meet the demands of your high and ultra-high vacuum applications.

Add-a-Doors: Granting Vacuum System Access

Having a vacuum-rated access port is essential for maintaining environmental control when introducing new materials to a system. ANCORP Add-a-Doors are the ultimate solution for granting physical access to the interior of your vacuum system. Standard selections offer solid doors or the option of a built-in glass viewport.

Chamber Lighting: Illuminate your Vacuum System

Visibility is crucial for experimental observation or equipment functionality for certain high and ultra-high vacuum applications. Viewports, while created for this purpose, cannot offer a user visibility into a dimly lit chamber. For this reason, ANCORP created the Illum-a-View: a lightweight ring fitted with bright white LEDs that shine directly into your chamber with minimal viewing obstruction. Illum-A-View easily fits over existing ConFlat (CF) viewports.

Up-to-Air Valves: Adjustable Vacuum Control

ANCORP Up-to-Air Valves are designed to meet the demands of high and ultra-high vacuum applications, enabling adjustments of vacuum levels with ease. Perfect as a companion to your Add-a-Door, Up-to-Air valves will bring your access ports up to atmospheric pressure before opening.

General Vacuum Accessories: Maintaining the Longevity of Your System

Explore top-quality general vacuum accessories designed to optimize vacuum system setups and ensure efficient performance. Our selection includes vacuum grease, flange caps, CF wrenches, and anti-seize bolt lubricant, catering to various applications in research, industry, and beyond.