Weldable Components

ANCORP weldable components provide an extensive array of options for the assembly of your pumping lines, exhaust lines, or custom vacuum components. ANCORP’s butt-weld weldable components product line includes tubing, conical reducers, elbows, tees, crosses, end caps, and ball socket fittings. These components come in multiple sizes, lengths, and designs to offer you the greatest flexibility in your system design while offering you the cost benefit of specifying standard product. All ANCORP vacuum components are shipped clean and packaged to arrive ready for high vacuum service.


Straight tubing is available in a variety of sizes and lengths, ensuring precise fits for your applications. Crafted with the highest quality materials, ANCORP tubing is a durable and long-lasting component to incorporate into your vacuum setup.


ANCORP elbows are engineered for seamless integration into your vacuum system. These components facilitate smooth directional changes while maintaining the integrity of your vacuum environment.


Whether you require branching or joining in your system, ANCORP tees provide adaptability for optimal performance.


Crosses enable you to create complex configurations effortlessly. These components are designed to ensure reliable connections within your vacuum system, even in the most demanding conditions.

End Caps, Conical Reducers, & Ball Sockets

Our end caps, conical reducers, and ball sockets offer a solution for sealing, adapting, and connecting various components in your vacuum system. These precision-engineered components enhance the connectivity of your setup.