Research and Development

Enabling Discovery and Development

Nuclear physics, particle physics, material science, quantum science, and optics are all fields that experience tremendous discovery and development through the utilization of high and ultra-high vacuum systems.

Research in these fields require vacuum systems to create and maintain clean, low-pressure, extremely high or low temperature vacuum environments for the purpose of manipulating and studying materials, environments, and their effects on one another. Practical applications of these discoveries are used to drive the future of energy, transportation, medicine, security, and electronics. 

ANCORP offers vacuum chambers, hardware, and valves to material science, physics, and chemical research labs around the world. Our components are built to endure and are reliable for demanding applications.

Partnering With Scientists

As the landscape of science and technology continues to change, ANCORP is prepared to partner with researchers to meet their unique needs and challenges. With a commitment to help our customers solve problems, we stand ready to give researchers the solutions they need with products that help facilitate the discoveries of tomorrow. ANCORP has a long-standing history of helping our customers make advancements from food and beverage testing to environmental sustainability efforts and space exploration Contact us for more information or request a quote for a custom-fabricated component.


Synchrotrons are particle accelerators that rely on superconducting magnets to create a charged circular path for accelerated particles to follow with negligible resistance.

The speed of synchrotron particles becomes so great that they reach close to the speed of light and emit very bright synchrotron light which then travels through beamlines for experimentation studying physical, chemical, and structural properties. From the superconducting magnets that enable the acceleration to synchrotron light redirection, ultra-high vacuum technology is utilized to obtain the largest mean-free path possible and prevent light from scattering. Experiments employ the use of vacuum to make discoveries in the fields of energy and photon science, biology and life sciences, computational science, nuclear physics, and particle physics.

UHV Synchrotron

ANCORP supplies our synchrotron customers with UHV system components and an experienced custom fabrication team to assist in developing and manufacturing specialized UHV chambers and components for beamline experimentation. With multiport cluster flanges, feedthroughs, ConFlat flanges, and viewports ANCORP provides beamline scientists with the tools they need to make new discoveries every year.

Cryogenics in R&D

Cryogenics in high vacuum and UHV applications use the negligible thermal conductivity in vacuum to achieve temperature ranges of -150 °C (123 K) to absolute zero (0 K) to study and manipulate materials and processes.

Quantum Computing

Cryogenic technologies are essential to the functionality of quantum computing as thermal energy and thermal radiation can greatly affect computation and output readings. Thermal energy in a quantum computing system can cause vibrational moments disrupting operations while thermal radiation can cause transitions in ions or cause a superconducting circuit to pass its critical temperature. With cryogenic capabilities, quantum chips are cooled to temperatures near absolute zero removing these thermal obstructions. High-vacuum technologies also provide avenues for superposition through ion sputter pumps and the final production of thin film quantum chips using various deposition techniques.


At the cryogenic temperature range, liquid helium can cool superconductors by reducing the temperature to near absolute zero, a temperature where atomic movement within the circuit is removed as a technical challenge. This extreme reduction in thermal energy and radiation allows for zero circuit resistance and energy efficiency in superconductors. Through combining cryogenics with vacuum technology, superconductors are being scaled into superconductor chips advancing the processing power and field of quantum computing.

Vacuum Solutions for Research & Development

Our mission to empower science and technology is manifested in the field of research and development and our array of products enables the vacuum processes needed for scientists to make discoveries.

Our dedicated team works with our customers to build high and ultra-high vacuum chambers and custom fabrications to their specifications. We offer experience, support, and a commitment to helping our customers solve problems. Contact us for questions about your orders or request a quote through our online portal.

Bakeable up to 450°C, CF hardware and seals, CF flanges, and CF fittings offer researchers the ability to create ultra-high vacuum environments. With ANCORP’s offering of 316LN CF flanges, researchers can also take advantage of the material’s maintained ductility into the cryogenic temperature range.

ANCORP offers an assortment of high and ultra-high vacuum isolation valves including ball valvesVAT angle valves, and VAT gate valves. ANCORP is a US distributor of VAT valves. We also offer a range of valve accessories. Our patented ball valve is an industry-leading product that has been carefully designed and refined to serve specific needs in various industries.