ISO Flanges & Fittings

ANCORP ISO flanges and fittings are manufactured in accordance with ISO (International Standard Organization) 2861 standards and tolerances. These flanges are an economical, convenient, and simplified means of constructing custom high vacuum systems. ANCORP has a complete line of ISO flanges and fittings with an offering of ISO connections for use throughout many of our other product lines, such as valves, traps, viewports, feedthroughs, weldments, and more.

The ISO QF (KF) AND ISO LF Flange System

ISO flanges provide a complete range of fittings to mount with tubing sized 1/2 inch up to 20 inches in diameter. The flange system consists of two sexless, 360° rotatable flanges, a centering ring for alignment and support of the sealing ring, and a fastener to compress the seal between the two flanges.

ISO-QF (Quick Flange) and LF (Large Flange) flanges are part of the same family of ISO standard elastomer sealed vacuum components. The three styles of ISO flanges are ISO-QF (ISO-KF or ISO-NW), ISO-LF (ISO-K), and ISO-LFB (ISO-F).

ISO Clamps & Fasteners

ISO flange styles are distinguished from one another by their fastening profile. ISO-QF employs quick flanges and clamps for rapid assembly, making it suitable for applications with frequent disassembly. ISO-LF uses claw clamps and bolts to provide a robust and secure connection for systems that may experience lateral loads. ANCORP ISO clamps and fasteners have everything you need to fasten your ISO flanges, including standard clamps and bolts, with more options to cover your need for maintenance kits, adaptive bolt rings, and retaining rings.

ISO Hardware & Seals

With a variety of sizes and sealing methods, the ISO flange system has many hardware  and sealing options. ANCORP offers ISO high vacuum seals and sealing assemblies for all ISO QF and LF standard sizes available in stainless steel or aluminum. And, we offer adaptive centering rings to convert between rarely used sizes to common sizes.

Other hardware accessories include overpressure rings to prevent unseated O-rings in systems that experience intermittent positive pressures and centering assemblies with mesh for applications with particulate generation.

Here, you will also find replacement elastomer O-rings available in singles or packs.

ISO Fittings

ISO Nipples

ISO nipples are straight sections of tubing with flanged ends available in a wide range of configurations, including full nipples, half nipples, reducer nipples, and flexible hosing. Standard nipples feature flanges of the same fastening style on each end, while nipples with different flange systems on the ends are referred to as hybrid adapters.

ISO Elbows & Returns

Elbows are flange-ended sections of tubing bent to 45°, 90°, or 180° that create corners or returns in your system. Standard ISO elbows are manufactured in 304 SS, 316L SS, and aluminum,, with other materials available on request.

ISO Tees

ISO tees are vacuum fittings with a flange on each end of a “T” shaped tubing. Standard ISO tees are manufactured from 304 stainless steel.

ISO Crosses

ISO crosses are vacuum fittings with at least one flange on each end of an “X” shaped tubing. 5 way crosses and 6 way crosses add one or two tubing sections perpendicular to the four of the X cross, respectively. Standard ISO tees are manufactured from 304 stainless steel.