Vacuum Coating and Deposition

Thin Film Deposition

Over the last 20 years, old methods of coating processes have been replaced with more efficient, and more cost-effective thin film coating techniques.

ANCORP products are found in systems that our customers use for sputter deposition, evaporation, ion-assisted deposition, atomic layer deposition and more to produce consumer goods, mirrors, lenses, storage devices, and industrial coatings.

ANCORP supplies ball valves, custom fabricated components, and vacuum hardware to end-users who utilize Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) around the world. With these components, researchers and manufacturers have the ability to create low pressure and “clean” vacuum environments to produce products with complete flow control on pressure and gas volumes.

Investing time and resources into product development and improvement is at the core of providing solutions for our customers. With that focus in mind, our products serve to improve efficiency, refine processes, and help industrial equipment manufacturers make a product that lasts.

Vacuum Solutions for the Coating and Deposition Industry​

Everything from hardware to ball valves and controllers, we have the vacuum components you need for your next coating process and more.

Our high conductance ball valve provides manufacturers with a unique quick shut-off solution. This puts them in control of the gas and vapor flow and helps reduce down-time if repairs are needed. The self-cleaning feature of our ball valve is also useful for manufacturers working with “dirty” applications. Featuring ANCORP’s patented Extended-Life stem design, high conductance ball valve users can also enjoy the benefits of extended seal durability.

Our custom fabricated products are created working directly with the manufacturer. We specialize in creating designs that suit specialized manufacturing needs.

To create the high vacuum environments that manufacturers need, we offer a wide range of CF, ISO, and ASA vacuum flanges, fittings, feedthroughs, and other components.

Viewport shutters serve as a critical safeguard for  system viewports in vacuum coating and deposition applications. These accessories are specifically designed to prevent material deposition on the viewport glass, ensuring window cleanliness.

Providing Solutions for an Evolving Industry

We are never hesitant to invest our time and resources to find a solution for our Thin Film customers. For more information on our custom fabricated products, contact our team. Already know what you’re looking for? Request a quote through our online portal.