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Empowering science and technology since 1965.

As manufacturers of high and ultra-high vacuum components, we serve researchers, scientists, engineers and manufacturers with the products they need to build and maintain their vacuum systems. We offer everything from vacuum hardware and valves to chambers and custom fabrications.

Committed to delivering excellence in everything that we do.


The foundation for ANCORP is our unique culture. The 26 Fundamentals that follow describe the behaviors that define that culture. They’re what set us apart and drive our success.

Core Values


While confident in our abilities, we continuously strive to learn and improve.


We are enthusiastic and committed to achieving our goals and delivering on our promises.


We create a safe, caring environment. We celebrate good times and provide support and compassion in times of need.

Core Purpose

Develop Great People and Deliver Great Products

Markets We Serve

World-class products for a variety of applications.

Decorative image showing vacuum chamber with multiple flanges and ports.

Research & Development

Research and development is at the core of our existence. We pride ourselves on empowering researchers and innovators to revolutionize science and technology. Our products are used in university and national laboratories around the world.

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Our standard and custom fabricated components enable a variety of processes that produce integrated circuits, LEDs, solar panels, and microelectronics, including PVD, PECVD, LPCVD, ALD, RIE, RTP, plasma ashing, epitaxy, diffusion, ion implantation, plasma surface treatment, and more.

Vacuum Coating & Deposition

ANCORP products including ball valves, custom components, and hardware are found in systems that our customers use for sputter deposition, evaporation, ion-assisted deposition, atomic layer deposition and more to produce consumer goods, mirrors, lenses, storage devices, and industrial coatings


ANCORP products serve a variety of industrial applications and processes. Some of these include vacuum heat treatment, cryogenics, energy and power, healthcare, as well as extraction and distillation.

Aerospace & Defense

We ensure that our civil, defense and international customers trust in our products' ability to undergo rigorous testing and environmental controls. Our high vacuum components serve to enable advancements in material research, optics applications, location tracking, thermal vacuum testing and more.

Engineered Solutions For Real World Success

We specialize in the manufacture of high and ultra-high vacuum components.

ANCORP offers an assortment of high vacuum isolation valves including ball valvesVAT poppet valves, and VAT gate valves. ANCORP is a US distributor of VAT valves. We also offer a range of valve accessories. Our patented ball valve is an industry-leading product that has been carefully designed and refined to serve specific needs in various industries.

We offer over 3,000 vacuum hardware components including CF and wire sealISO and ASA flanges, fittings, adapters, feedthroughs, couplings, and more.

Our dedicated team works with our customers to build high and ultra-high vacuum chambers and custom fabrications to their specifications. We offer experience, support, and a commitment to helping our customers solve problems. Contact us for questions about your orders or request a quote through our online portal.

Our Partners

Partnering with world-class vacuum manufacturers to suit our customers’ needs.

VAT valve logo featuring manual and pneumatic gate and poppet valves.


Passion. Precision. Purity

Innovation and engineering excellence is the driving force behind VAT’s technology solutions and services. VAT manufactures and develops high performance vacuum valves, mission-critical components for advanced R&D and manufacturing processes of semiconductors, LED, solar cells, displays and other high vacuum demanding products.