VAT Vacuum Gate Valves

Vacuum gate valves provide straight through, unimpeded flow with a very narrow valve body profile. Gate valves are ideal for space-constrained applications that require maximum conductance. A central carriage or gate is raised and lowered by the actuator within the body. In the open position, the gate retracts completely from the tube aperture, allowing unrestricted flow. In the closed position, an elastomer sealing ring is compressed against a sealing surface on the inside of one of the body ports.

VAT Vacuum Gate Valves

ANCORP is a North American distributor of VAT vacuum valves. We offer many types of VAT vacuum gate valves to cover a variety of vacuum applications and pressures from rough vacuum through ultra-high vacuum (UHV) and extreme high vacuum (XHV).

Series 010 Mini UHV Gate Valve

VAT’s Mini UHV Gate Valve is an excellent general purpose UHV gate valve. Series 010 valves feature MONOVAT technology with a vulcanized gate seal and a soft-closing, low shock mechanism. Sizes: DN 16 (5/8″) to DN 50 (2″).

Series 012 Mini Gate Valve

VAT’s Mini Gate Valve is a low-cost general purpose isolation valve with a compact and simple design. Available in sizes from DN 16 (5/8″) to DN 50 (2″).

Series 108 UHV Gate Valve

VAT’s Series 108 UHV Gate Valve is a great standard UHV isolation gate valve that is free of lubricants and features VATLOCK technology. Available in sizes from DN 63 (2.5″) to DN 320 (12″).

Series 110 HV Gate Valve

VAT’s Series 110 HV Gate Valve is a general purpose stainless steel valve for use in high vacuum systems. This original HV gate valve design remains available but has been discontinued and replaced with the new Series 111 HV Gate Valve.

Series 111 HV Gate Valve

VAT’s HV Gate Valve is a stainless steel bellows-sealed gate valve for general-purpose use in high vacuum systems. Series 111 valves are available in sizes from DN 63 (2.5″) to DN 320 (12″), featuring VATLOCK prevention with fail-safe prevention.

Series 121 Aluminum Gate Valve

VAT’s Aluminum Gate Valve is a standard vacuum isolation gate valve with a split body for easy cleaning. Sizes: DN 63 (2.5″) to DN 320 (12″).

Series 091 HV Gate Valve with Wedge Design

VAT’s HV wedge gate valve is robust in harsh vacuum processes with many by-products in the gas flow where buildup or deposits could affect typical valve performance. Series 091 valves feature self-cleaning action due to the wedge design gate mechanism. Available in sizes from DN 63 (2.5″) to DN 200 (8″).

Series 480 XHV All-Metal Gate Valve

VAT’s All-Metal Gate Valve is ideal for UHV and XHV applications in harsh, high temperature, and corrosive environments. Series 48.1/48.2 valves feature “hard on hard” all-metal stainless steel sealing surfaces. Available in sizes from DN 16 (5/8″) to DN 320 (12″).

Series 140 HV Gate Valve

VAT’s High Vacuum Gate Valve is excellent for high vacuum isolation in high cycle processes. This valve features VATLOCK technology and robust stainless steel construction. Available sizes from DN 63 (2.5″) to DN 400 (16″).