ISO Hardware & Seals

The basic seal for the ISO flange system includes a supportive inner metallic ring and an elastomer outer ring (O-ring) which is compressed between ISO flanges to create a vacuum seal. ANCORP offers ISO high vacuum seals and sealing assemblies for all ISO QF and LF standard sizes. We offer a variety of elastomer sealings rings and metallic supportive rings which can be configured to meet the needs of your specific vacuum application.

Centering ring assemblies with a mesh screen are designed for those applications where particulates may be generated.

Adaptive centering ring assemblies are used to convert rarely used ISO-QF flange sizes (QF10, QF20, QF32) to more commonly used flange sizes (QF16, QF25, QF40).

Over pressure rings are an optional item used to prevent an ISO-QF O-ring from becoming unseated or “blown out” in vacuum systems experiencing intermittent positive pressures.