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To properly install ConFlat vacuum flanges for ultra-high vacuum (UHV) systems, follow these steps:

  1. Check the cleanliness of flanges and sealing surfaces
  2. Apply anti-seize lubricant,
  3. Place a copper or Viton sealing gasket against the non-rotatable flange,
  4. Align bolt holes and insert bolts with washers
  5. Tighten bolts using a wrench in small increments with an alternating pattern.
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Electropolishing offers various advantages for vacuum components, such as enhanced cleanliness, prolonged component life, and improved aesthetic quality. However, it cannot achieve exceptionally smooth surface finishes on its own or drastically improve pump-down time.

To decide whether to electropolish your vacuum component, consider factors like the need for sterilization, the operating environment, aesthetics, and concerns about water vapor affecting the vacuum level. If these factors are critical, electropolishing may be worthwhile, but if not, a glass-bead-blasted or machine-polished finish could save time and money.

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Configuring a vacuum nipple largely depends on the type of vacuum nipple you are looking to use: full, half, hybrid, or zero-length reducers.

For any nipple configuration, you will want to know your overall tube length and desired connection type whether that be flanged or welded. Input this information into our nipple configurator to assist in finding your standard nipple or placing your custom order!