Foreline Vacuum Filters: Product Overview

Foreline filters are installed between the mechanical pump and the high vacuum pump in a vacuum system. Oil mist filters are installed on the outlet of an oil-sealed rotary vane mechanical pump. Each serves a unique function:


Protect Your Mechanical Pump From Dust And Particulates Generated Upstream Within The Vacuum System:

Solution 1:

Particulate filtration – For particulates between 10 and 100 microns in size, ANCORP particulate filters (VSPC and VSPI) are an excellent solution. Particulate filters may be configured with either paper (VSPC) or polyester (VSPI) media. Paper is the low cost option and is the more common choice. Paper filters, however, are unsuitable for “wet” applications and are disposable. Polyester filters may be reused after being cleaned with a “shop vacuum” or rinsed with soap and water and dried or both.

Solution 2:

Particulate filtration – For particulates greater than 100 microns, ANCORP particulate separators (VSPS) are an excellent choice. Particulate filters use gravity and a series of baffles (a “tortuous path”) to separate large particles from their gaseous carriers


Protect Your Working Environment From Mechanical Pump Oil Discharge:

Solution 1:

Open exhaust filters – ANCORP’s VSOE filters are a low cost solution to mechanical pump lubricant discharge. While retaining over 99% of the discharged pump oil, these filters do allow the pumped gasses to pass through into the surrounding environment. Therefore, this filter is suitable for vacuum applications based on breathable air.

Solution 2:

Closed exhaust filters – ANCORP’s VSCE filters capture mechanical pump oil discharge and allow the system’s gaseous exhaust to be pumped away to a scrubber or an outside exhaust. The filter’s body seal, however, is not a standard flanged vacuum seal and therefore is not intended for toxic or corrosive applications.

Solution 3:

Hermetic exhaust filters – ANCORP’s VSHE filters trap more than 99% of the mechanical pump’s lubricants and allow the captured lubricants to be transported back to the pump via a series of internal channels and a one-way valve. In addition, the filter’s housing is sealed with a elastomeric high vacuum flange. As a result, chamber gases that are compatible with Viton® seals may be safely transported to a scrubber or exhaust system.


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