Straight tubing is ideal for building welded vacuum system connections such as forelines, roughing lines, and manifolds. In these cases, it may be required to extend certain areas of a system, which would require straight tubing made from a low outgassing and austenitic material, such as 304L stainless steel. Whether this extension needs to be a straight, rigid expansion, or flexible to ensure vibration dampening, ANCORP has you covered.

Raw Stainless Steel Tubing

Stainless steel tubing is a product offering designed to serve customers with a desire to add length to portions of their existing systems with in-house welding capabilities. Manufactured in-house, these whole pieces of tubing have straight ends with no flanges welded on any side.

Straight stainless steel tubing is custom-cut to your desired length and ordered by the inch. As all cuts are done in-house, additional preparations are made to ensure your tubing is deburred, finished, and cleaned for vacuum use. These prices fluctuate depending on tube O.D.

Flexible Metal Hose – Bellows

ANCORP’s flexible metal hose offering combines the strengths of both 304L and 321 stainless steel to offer a unique hosing composition that increases intragranular corrosion and suitability for prolonged exposures to high temperatures.

Thin Wall Bellow

Featuring a 0.006 inch wall thickness, thin wall bellows offer vacuum users a flexible metal hosing with axial deflection +15% to -25% of the free length, helping to correct misaligned connections. The flexibility of the material also lends itself to providing vibration isolation.

Weldable end, thin wall metal hosing can be customized to various lengths and custom flange combinations if desired.

Medium Wall Bellow

ANCORP’s medium wall below features a range of wall thicknesses from 0.008 inches to 0.016 inches due to variations in overall length and inner tube diameter.

Much like the thin wall hosing, medium wall hosing corrects misaligned connections and allows for vibration dampening through the bellow.

Medium wall metal hosing is available in custom lengths with weldable ends to accommodate custom flange combinations. Additional options include braided metal hose to protect against abrasion, impact, and over-bending.