Announcing New ANCORP CEO Dan Vaudreuil and President Glenn Vaudreuil

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WILLISTON, FLORIDA– [November 6, 2023] – ANCORP, an industry-leading manufacturer of vacuum chambers, components, and ball valves, is pleased to announce a significant leadership transition, effective November 6. Dan Vaudreuil, who has successfully served as ANCORP’s President for 13 years, will now assume the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Glenn Vaudreuil, formerly the Executive Vice President in charge of Sales and Marketing for 5 years, will take on the position of President.

This strategic move is expected to further elevate ANCORP’s position in the vacuum industry serving various sectors such as semiconductor fabrication, materials research, nuclear physics, and more. Under the new leadership structure, Dan will lead the company’s long-term vision and growth initiatives, while Glenn will be responsible for executing these strategies and ensuring the company’s continued success.

CEO Dan Vaudreuil and President Glenn Vaudreuil speaking with employee, Brad Smith

"With the transition in roles we have achieved alignment in our leadership. Previously, with my primary focus on Sales and Marketing and Dan overseeing operations, there was a degree of opposition to our functions. This strategic shift will empower Dan to devote attention to crafting Ancorp's long-term vision, while I am tasked with operationalizing that vision into tangible outcomes."

The company anticipates that this transition will open a new chapter in ANCORP’s journey, enhancing its strategic direction and sustaining the company’s unprecedented growth. The Vaudreuil brothers bring extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and industry expertise to their respective roles, reinforcing ANCORP’s commitment to excellence.

"I am deeply humbled that my brother Dan has chosen me to take on the role of President. While the responsibility of this position brings with it a certain level of intimidation, my excitement and confidence are fueled by the knowledge that I am surrounded by a remarkable team of individuals, each with years of invaluable experience. Together, I am confident we will achieve great things and elevate ANCORP to new heights."

With specific goals and objectives to introduce new products to market and streamline order experience, ANCORP is confident that this leadership change will empower the company to thrive and deliver outstanding results to its valued customers, employees, and partners.