The UHV Burst Disk: Pressure Relief for Ultra-High Vacuum Systems


The UHV Burst Disk is a vacuum component that provides pressure relief for ultra-high vacuum systems. It is designed for users who require protection from accidental overpressurization of their systems.


ANCORP offers three variations of the Burst Disk, each with CF 1.33 and CF 2.75 flange variants:


The first is the low pressure burst disk, which is ISO 4126-2 compliant and has a pressure relief range of 5-7 PSIG.

Next is the ASME overpressure burst disk, which is 10CFR851 compliant and has a pressure relief range 9-11.5 PSIG.

The third is the High Pressure Burst Disk, which has the highest pressure range, offering pressure relief up to 25 PSIG. 

All three disks feature a stainless steel body and disk membrane, which allows them to be baked to 450° and provides compatibility with many levels of vacuum. Each disk is leak tight to 2 x 10-10 std. cc/sec of Helium.


The disk also prevents costly damage and downtime to your vacuum system. An optional gas recovery system can be added on as an extra layer of safety to prevent hazardous gases from entering the atmosphere.

Calculated flow rates are the same for both burst disks. Both feature:

  • 107 SCFM on a 1.33 CF flange assembly
  • 435 SCFM on a 2.75 CF flange assembly

Protecting your vacuum system against over pressurization will ensure the longevity of your system and the safety of your personnel.

For more information on the UHV Burst Disk, visit our System Safety – UHV Burst Disks page.