Titanium CF Flanges

Titanium ConFlat (CF) flanges are lightweight, feature increased strength, and have negligible magnetism making them the perfect option for UHV and XHV magnetically sensitive applications including nuclear physics, UHV synchrotrons, and laser physics. Due to the material’s specific heat capacity and paramagnetism, titanium flanges equipped to a titanium chamber offer end-users a virtually non-magnetic system with shorter bakeout times compared to the stainless-steel counterpart.


Ttitanium CF flanges are available in industry-standard sizes (mini 1.33″ to 12.0″), rotatable and fixed geometries, and various bolt hole types.


Grade 2 Titanium Features

  • Lightweight and higher yield strength make it perfect for a chamber and transfer system.
  • Low-Z number is advantageous for installation and maintenance under high-radiation levels, compared to stainless steel.
  • Low Young’s modulus is suitable for bellows components
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient is advantageous for heating and makes it less prone to develop leaks during bakeout
  • Non-magnetic property makes it ideal for use in applications where there is a strong magnetic field
  • High corrosion resistance since the surface oxide layer is chemically stable. Titanium’s corrosion resistance and lack of reactivity make it the most biocompatible metal.
  • Low thermal conductivity and high melting point
  • High electric resistance