Add-a-doors are a vital component for any vacuum assembly introducing new materials to a system while maintaining environmental control. These quick-access doors are the ultimate solution for granting physical access to the interior of a vacuum system.

Designed to bolt onto standard flange ports on chambers or load locks, Add-a-doors offer increased compatibility for seamless system integration. Our standard selections include solid doors or the option of a built-in glass viewport. These choices cater to the diverse needs of your vacuum system.

Solid doors 

For those prioritizing robust containment without compromising accessibility, our Solid Add-A-Doors offer the singular and effective solution. These doors function as a secure, solid access entry while ensuring containment integrity within your vacuum system when not in use.

Viewport with Add-a-door 

For those requiring both a viewing window and an access point within their system, our Viewport Add-A-Doors offer a dual-purpose solution. These doors seamlessly combine functionality as an observation window and a convenient access entry.