Fused Silica (Quartz) Viewports

ANCORP offers fused silica viewports in both ultraviolet (UV) grade and deep ultraviolet (DUV) laser-grade viewing window materials. Fused silica provides better transmission in the UV range compared to standard borosilicate glass. Fused silica is a type of ultra-pure non-crystalline synthetic quartz with great optical and thermal properties. It is colorless, resistant to abrasion and thermal shock, non-birefringent, has high working temperatures, and has a low coefficient of thermal expansion.


Zero-length UV grade fused silica viewports are available in ConFlat (CF), and ISO-QF (Quick Flange, KF, NW) flanges for high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications.


Zero-length DUV grade fused silica viewports are available in a variety of ConFlat (CF) flange sizes for ultra-high vacuum (UHV) performance. Single AR and broadband AR anti-reflective coatings are available for minimized reflectance.


UV Fused Silica (Quartz) Transmission Chart

DUV Fused Silica (Quartz) Transmission Chart

Fused Silica (Quartz) Window Cleaning Notes