HV Aluminum Angle Valve (Series 264)

VAT’s Series 264 HV Aluminum Angle Valve is an excellent isolation valve for pumping and venting high vacuum systems. Series 26 valves are bellow sealed and designed for high vacuum applications in pumping systems, semiconductor technology, research systems, and similar applications with particle sensitivity.

The designed integration of the bellows with the valves prevents pressure peaks in any valve position, lending to the valve’s ability to be resistant to high differential pressure.


The 264 Series valve is available in a wide range of actuation methods. Apart from traditional actuation methods such as manual and pneumatic, there is also electromagnetic actuation.

Maintain Your Angle Valve

We offer a range of 264 HV Angle Valve service kits to further optimize your valve’s performance and functionality. Explore the comprehensive selection to tailor your valve to your exact specifications.