ISO-LF Reducer Tee

Tees accommodate junctions or alignment considerations for vacuum system design. They are also used as junction adapters between different tubing sizes or flange types.


  • Flanges: 304L Stainless Steel
  • Fitting: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Alternative: 6061 Aluminum (Contact us for price and delivery)

Product Features

  • High Vacuum Rated to 1×10-8 Torr
  • Bakeable to 200°C
  • Quick sealing and disassembly

Product Notes

  • Pulled ports for optimal vacuum performance
  • Reducing intersection for ISO-LF to ISO-QF flange sizes

Options (Contact us for price and delivery)

  • Custom lengths
  • Custom flange combination
  • ISO-QF large size flanges
  • ISO-LFB flanges
  • Tapped bolt holes

*Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise specified

Part IDReference NumberA B Flange 3 Keywords Tube O.D. Flange 1 & 2 3D CADDrawingUnit PriceIn StockQty, Add To Cart
Part ID4500441Reference NumberLF80XLF63-300X250-RDT-3.50X3.50A 3.5B 3.5Flange 3 LF63Keywords LF80XLF63-TTube O.D. 2.5Flange 1 & 2 LF803D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$301.75Contact
Part ID4500442Reference NumberLF100XLF63-400X250-RDT-4.13X4.00A 4B 4.13Flange 3 LF63Keywords LF100XLF63-TTube O.D. 2.5Flange 1 & 2 LF1003D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$318.751
Part ID4500443Reference NumberLF100XLF80-400X300-RDT-4.13X4.00A 4B 4.13Flange 3 LF80Keywords LF100XLF80-TTube O.D. 3Flange 1 & 2 LF1003D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$348.50Contact
Part ID4500446Reference NumberLF160XLF100-600X400-RDT-5.25X5.13A 5.13B 5.25Flange 3 LF100Keywords LF160XLF100-TTube O.D. 4Flange 1 & 2 LF1603D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$514.25Contact
Part ID4500444Reference NumberLF160XLF63-600X250-RDT-5.25X5.00A 5B 5.25Flange 3 LF63Keywords LF160XLF63-TTube O.D. 2.5Flange 1 & 2 LF1603D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$437.75Contact
Part ID4500445Reference NumberLF160XLF80-600X300-RDT-5.25X5.00A 5B 5.25Flange 3 LF80Keywords LF160XLF80-TTube O.D. 3Flange 1 & 2 LF1603D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$463.25Contact
Part ID4500447Reference NumberLF200XLF160-800X600-RDT-7.25X7.25A 7.25B 7.25Flange 3 LF160Keywords LF200XLF160-TTube O.D. 6Flange 1 & 2 LF2003D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$956.25Contact