Transformative Science and Technology Starts Here

As manufacturers of high and ultra-high vacuum components, we serve researchers, scientists, engineers and manufacturers with the products they need for their vacuum systems. Transformative science and technology start with every product we develop. Each of our vacuum components are used in the vacuum environments needed for scientific discoveries around the globe. We offer everything from vacuum hardware to valves and custom fabrication. Each product helps our customers move their industries forward.

ANCORP was founded by family and built on innovation. For more than 50 years, we have committed every day of our operation to exploring and solving the unique and ever-evolving problems of our customers.

We strive to enable the forward thinkers of our time to further some of the most significant scientific and technological advancements ever made. That’s what we’re dedicated to doing everyday.

Empowering transformative science and technology.

Our Customers are Forward Thinkers

We are driven by the industries and people we serve. We work with the innovators, researchers, and manufacturers that are bettering the world we live in by providing our customers with the components, customer service, and expertise needed to make these products and processes possible.


Our standard and custom fabricated components enable a variety of processes that produce integrated circuits, LEDs, solar panels, and microelectronics. These processes are constantly evolving and moving technology forward. We continue to develop our products to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Research & Development

Research and development is at the core of our existence. We pride ourselves on empowering the researchers and innovators of our time to revolutionize science and technology. Our products are used in university, government, and private research labs helping scientists and engineers make new discoveries that change the world.

Thin Film Deposition

Everything from polarized lenses on your sunglasses to telescope mirrors, ANCORP products enable production of consumer goods, mirrors, lenses, storage devices, and industrial coatings. Products used by people everyday are made possible because of the thin film deposition industry, and we are proud to empower this industry with the high vacuum solutions they need.

Engineered Solutions for Real World Success

We specialize in the manufacturing of high and ultra-high vacuum components. Since inception, our main focus has been on progress, innovation, and problem-solving.

Our inventory spans a wide range of high and ultra-high vacuum components designed for many vacuum applications.

High Vacuum Valves

ANCORP offers an assortment of high vacuum isolation valves including ball valves, poppet valves, and gate valves. We also offer a range of valve accessories for each of our valves. Our patented ball valve is an industry-leading product that has been carefully designed and refined to serve specific needs in various industries.

Vacuum Hardware

We offer over 3,000 vacuum hardware components including CF and wire seal, ISO and ASA flanges, fittings, adapters, feedthroughs, couplings, and more.

Custom Fabrication and Chambers

Our dedicated team works with our customers to build high and ultra-high vacuum chambers and custom fabrications to their specifications.

We offer experience, support, and a commitment to helping our customers solve problems. Contact us for questions about your orders or request a quote through our online portal.

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