Multiport Cluster ConFlat (CF) Flanges



Critical for UHV and XHV experimentation, optics, and sputtering techniques, multiport flanges are an essential tool for processes requiring several components such as viewports, pressure gauges, and sputter sources to be mounted to a single chamber. With over 50 years of experience serving national labs, private labs, universities, and other research facilities, ANCORP has created standards for the most common configurations to improve customer experience and lead time. Standard ConFlat (CF) multiport cluster flanges are highly customizable and available in three configurations: multiport angled-in, multiport straight-in, and cluster flange angled-in. 

In order from left to right: multiport straight-in, multiport angled-in, cluster angled-in

Three Standard Configuration Styles

Multiport Straight-In

The standard multiport straight-in configuration features flush-mounted mini-flanges, allowing for greater ease of use with motion manipulators and other system accessories requiring user maneuverability. This design makes it ideal for applications where precise and direct positioning of components is crucial. Common applications include optical experiments and other setups requiring intricate adjustments.

Multiport Angled-In

In the multiport angled-in configuration, ports are angled towards a focal point within the chamber. This construction enables mounted components to be directed toward a desired target within the chamber, making it suitable for processes that demand focused and controlled deposition or analysis. Applications include sputtering techniques and experiments requiring concentrated energy delivery.

Cluster Flange Angled-In

The cluster flange angled-in configuration combines the benefits of the multiport angled-in orientation within a clustered arrangement. This configuration is highly versatile, offering the ability to direct multiple components toward different specific points of interest. It is particularly useful in experiments where multiple processes need to be conducted within the same chamber, such as simultaneous deposition and monitoring.

Port Orientation Benefits

Straight-in configurations have flush-mounted mini-flanges which allow greater ease of use with motion manipulators and other system accessories requiring user maneuverability. Cluster angled-in and multiport angled-in orientations are both manufactured with ports angled in towards a focal point within the chamber. This construction allows for mounted components to be directed toward the desired target within the chamber.

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Ease of Customization

Our standardized configurations, redefine the customization experience for multiport flanges and general vacuum lids. Designed with both customer experience and manufacturability in mind, these configurations serve as a solid foundation for effortless customization, empowering you to adapt our multiport flanges or lids to your exact specifications.

Have questions about placing an order or customizing these standard configruations? Please contact us at 1-800-FLANGE-I or submit a quote and an ANCORP representative will happily assist you.