ConFlat (CF) UHV Multiport Flanges

Multiport flanges are essential for UHV and XHV systems requiring several process components such as viewports, pressure gauges, and sputter sources to be mounted to a single chamber.

Due to the versatility in flange size and configuration, equipping a multiport flange will allow users the ability to optimize system connections where space constraints are a concern. An essential tool for experimentation, optics, and sputtering techniques, multiport flanges are available in an array of orientations to serve your needs: straight-in, angled, and cluster.

All orientations are available on 6-inch (DN100) and 8-in (DN160) ConFlat flanges. Straight-in and angled multi-ports feature 6 mini-flanges centered around a 2.75-inch (DN35/DN40) ConFlat flange and cluster flanges feature 3-4 angled-in flanges sized 2.75-inch (DN35/40). CF flanges have a pressure range of approximately 1×10-13 Torr.