Quick Disconnect to CF


  • High vacuum rating
  • Manufactured from 304 stainless steel
  • Adapts from Quick Disconnect fitting to CF flange
  • Convenient for mounting gauges, instruments, or adding tube ports without welds

Options: Contact us for price and availability

  • Additional sizes
  • Additional material: 316LN (CF flange)

*Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise specified

Part IDReference NumberA B C 3D CADDrawingUnit PriceIn StockQty, Add To Cart
Part ID5000596Reference NumberCF133XQD06-1.36A 1.33B 1/16 in.C 1.363D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$98.60Contact
Part ID5000597Reference NumberCF133XQD12-1.36A 1.33B 1/8 in.C 1.363D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$123.25Contact
Part ID5000598Reference NumberCF133XQD18-1.36A 1.33B 3/16 in.C 1.363D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$110.50Contact
Part ID5000599Reference NumberCF133XQD25-1.31A 1.33B 1/4 in.C 1.3123D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$95.203
Part ID5000600Reference NumberCF133XQD31-1.38A 1.33B 5/16 in.C 1.363D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$95.20Contact
Part ID5000601Reference NumberCF133XQD38-1.36A 1.33B 3/8 in.C 1.363D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$95.20Contact
Part ID5000602Reference NumberCF133XQD50-1.38A 1.33B 1/2 in.C 1.383D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$97.75Contact
Part ID5000603Reference NumberCF133XQD62-1.47A 1.33B 5/8 in.C 1.4713D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$102.85Contact
Part ID5000604Reference NumberCF275XQD06-1.31A 2.75B 1/16 in.C 1.3123D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$115.60Contact
Part ID5000614Reference NumberCF275XQD100-2.0A 2.75B 1.00 in.C 23D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$120.70Contact
Part ID5000615Reference NumberCF275XQD112-2.0A 2.75B 1 1/8 in.C 23D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$124.10Contact
Part ID5000605Reference NumberCF275XQD12-1.4A 2.75B 1/8 in.C 1.43D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$90.951
Part ID5000616Reference NumberCF275XQD125-2.21A 2.75B 1 1/4 in.C 2.213D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$133.459
Part ID5000617Reference NumberCF275XQD138-2.72A 2.75B 1 3/8 in.C 2.343D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$148.75Contact
Part ID5000618Reference NumberCF275XQD150-2.5A 2.75B 1 1/2 in.C 2.53D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$158.10Contact
Part ID5000606Reference NumberCF275XQD18-1.36A 2.75B 3/16 in.C 1.363D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$90.95Contact
Part ID5000607Reference NumberCF275XQD25-1.31A 2.75B 1/4 in.C 1.3123D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$90.95Contact
Part ID5000608Reference NumberCF275XQD31-1.36A 2.75B 5/16 in.C 1.363D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$90.95Contact
Part ID5000609Reference NumberCF275XQD38-1.36A 2.75B 3/8 in.C 1.363D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$90.95Contact
Part ID5000610Reference NumberCF275XQD50-1.38A 2.75B 1/2 in.C 1.383D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$95.20Contact
Part ID5000611Reference NumberCF275XQD62-1.5A 2.75B 5/8 in.C 1.53D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$110.50Contact
Part ID5000612Reference NumberCF275XQD75-1.63A 2.75B 3/4 in.C 1.6253D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$110.50Contact
Part ID5000613Reference NumberCF275XQD87-1.58A 2.75B 7/8 in.C 1.843D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$115.60Contact