COVID-19 Update


March 25, 2020


To Our Valued Customers,


We are all aware of the complexities created by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen “shelter in place” orders, quarantine orders, and many other efforts to slow the spread of this virus. These efforts have raised the question of how each of our customers will be impacted by supply chain breakdowns. As a supplier to you, we offer the following notice.

ANCORP and many of our customers are considered “Essential Businesses” as defined by the Department of Homeland Security guidelines. As such, we are required to make every effort to remain operational during this period. Currently, we are fully operational and will remain so throughout these times to the best of our abilities. To date, we have seen very little indication of supply shortages, and we are initiating systems to ensure our suppliers continue to meet our manufacturing requirements.


To ensure our continued operations, we are implementing several initiatives to help support our workforce, reinforce our supply chain and significantly limit the exposure of our team members to the COVID-19 virus. Here are some of the more significant changes we have made:

  • Restricting all non-essential business travel globally and domestically.
  • Restricting access to our offices to essential and business-critical visits only.
  • Daily screening of employees for symptoms of illness.
  • Limiting meetings and encouraging more web-based meetings to avoid close contact.
  • Providing the necessary technology and systems access for employees to work remotely in an effective manner.
  • Establishing flexible work hours to ensure our employees can take care of their families and relatives in need while also reducing the concentration of personnel in proximity to one another.
  • Increasing both the frequency and scope of our in-office cleaning and disinfecting practices.
  • Providing ample cleaning products and sanitizers for easy access.
  • Turning to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and Federal, State and local officials for all up-to-date information and relevant guidance.
  • Maintaining constant contact with our suppliers and monitoring for potential shortages as early as possible.
  • Diversifying our supply base to reduce the impact of potential shortages.


We will continue to respond to the situation as it evolves, and we will provide any further updates as needed.


Please stay safe,