ISO QF (KF) and LF Flanges

The ANCORP Quick Flange, or QF, ISO series is sexless, infinitely rotatable, and is sealed with a Quick Clamp. ISO-QF is available for 0.5″ (QF10) to 2.0″ (QF50) tubing. The Large Flange, or LF, ISO series is also sexless and infinitely rotatable. However, unlike QF flanges, LF flanges are sealed with claw clamps or a bolt kit when designated as LFB. ISO-LF is available for 2.5″ (LF63) to 20″ (QF500) tubing. These flanges are manufactured to ISO specifications to ensure 100% compatibility with other ISO manufacturers’ flanges. ANCORP offers ISO flanges in three different materials: 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and 6061 aluminum.

Stub weld flanges are designed for butt welds whereas socket weld flanges are designed with a tube counterbore for internal welds. Weld ring flanges are similar to socket weld flanges but with a thinner cross-sectional profile. Blank flanges have no through bore.