Exceeding Customer Expectations


ANCORP’s Patented XL Ball Valve Stem Design Exceeds Customer Expectations


Nothing is more frustrating or costly than equipment failure and downtime. Your vacuum system has to be reset, your labor is waiting, and your process is on hold—all of which costs time and money. In a recent testimonial from CyOptics, they stated that ANCORP’s patented XL Ball Valve Stem Design “completely eliminated this costly failure mode, resulting in significant cost savings and increased equipment uptime. The XL ball valve design has exceeded our expectation; we are extremely pleased with its performance.”


In short, the XL ball valve reduces maintenance, downtime, and increases throughput. It’s one of the main reasons ANCORP remains the leading innovator in high vacuum ball valves. Choose ANCORP’s Patented XL Ball Valves—Dependable, Durable and Fully Stabilized Stem Design for top performing systems.