The One Solution for Viewing Inside Your Chamber

Illum-A-View on Vacuum Chamber

At the very heart of each vacuum application is the need to create an environment isolated from the atmosphere and pesky environmental contaminants. Satisfying this need often results in the manufacture of custom vacuum chambers with ports to accommodate various environmental, chemical, and electrical needs that can limit internal viewing from the outside of the system. The incorporation of a viewport in your initial design can offer a clear view into your dark chamber, especially when coupled with an Illum-a-View to create a lighted viewport.

A viewport is a bored flange with a crystalline disk used to create a window for light transmission. With a variety of material options and coating options, viewports typically allow for the transfer of high-energy beams, lasers, and other directed optics

The Illum-a-View

The Illum-a-View is a lightweight, aluminum-bodied ring equipped with bright, natural LEDs to focus light into your chamber and sits atop existing viewports. This form of equipment easily outdates other viewing solutions such as handheld flashlights or goose-neck lamps. With the old ways of illuminating chambers, full functionality is moot as a hand may be full, your light source will cast glares, or your light source blocks the view. The Illum-a-View restores functionality and allows researchers to do what they do best: observe and analyze.

Illum-a-View turned on

The Illum-a-View mounts to a vacuum viewport by being overlaid onto your viewport’s flange through an inset groove and is secured with 3 setscrews. The design features a setback between the ring of LED lights and the surface of the viewport. The setback allows light penetration from bright, natural LEDs, creating a view with no glare that grants users an unparalleled viewing experience.

The Need to See

Having a glare-free, lighted view of the inside of your chamber will allow for quality inspections surrounding chamber configuration and procedural processes.

Chamber Inspections

The addition of a lighting accessory to your viewport such as the Illum-a-View can allow for a second quality inspection to observe correct geometries and component differences.

Through this observation process, users are also granted the ability to document critical procedures as they relate to experiments, reproduction, and the presentation of findings.

Inspections can also include monitoring the progress of an experiment by viewing changes in sample formation.

Procedural Processes

The capability to view inside your vacuum system can also be essential for completing the procedures carried out during experimentation or chamber use.

For example, the use of a feedthrough or motion manipulator device requires visual feedback for the proper position of an item or component. In addition, certain industries may use this application to move items from one area of a system to another, confirm the proper positioning of sputtering sources, and place target samples in a calculated location.

Product Specifications

Thanks to the distribution of the setscrews, one can position viewport lighting on angled flanges without fear of the equipment falling. This design consideration removes the need to hold lights at awkward angles or seek third-party products to reinforce attachment points.

The quick and secure attachment style truly makes the Illum-a-View an accessory that is reliable and versatile for any ultra-high vacuum system.


Powering the Illum-a-View requires a standard AC outlet connection that can supply 120V.

To better serve a variety of applications, the provided power connection is adaptable for use with third-party controllers such as dimming knobs or timers.

By placing the controller in line with the DC power, users gain the ability to make the light source programmable to their needs.

Providing proper power connection will ensure the Illum-a-View can reach its side-emitting LED lifetime of over 30,000 hours.


ANCORP lighted viewport’s LED strip is rated at 120 lumens per foot. The length rating is determined by the length of LEDs used, which is variable with flange attachment size. Lumosity is then calculable by determining the circumference of the inner diameter of the ConFlat flange that will accept the accessory.

This lighting solution works with ultra-high vacuum systems as its inset groove accepts ConFlat flange style viewports. Options for the Illum-a-view are available in standard viewport sizes such as CF275, CF450, CF600, CF800, and CF1000.