VSG Offers Specialized Sales Support for New York

VSG Announcement

ANCORP is pleased to announce its partnership with Vacuum Solutions Group to offer specialized sales support to vacuum users in the state of New York. Vacuum Solutions Group is a technical sales firm that specializes in providing a range of vacuum components, equipment, and systems for industrial and research applications. They focus on sharing their technical expertise and excellent customer service, helping customers find the best solutions for their vacuum technology needs.

Larry Gilbert, the owner of Vacuum Solutions Group, brings a wealth of experience to the partnership. With a long-standing career in the vacuum technology industry, Larry has held leadership positions at Inland Vacuum Industries and CVC Products. His expertise and knowledge make him a valuable asset to the network of ANCORP sales representative firms.

Through his role at Vacuum Solutions Group, Larry is dedicated to building strong, mutually beneficial partnerships. The recent collaboration with ANCORP is just one of the well-established partnerships that Vacuum Solutions Group has in place. These partnerships allow them to serve a variety of industries with demanding specifications and requirements.

Larry’s dedication to providing the best possible solutions for his customers sets him apart in the vacuum technology industry. He strives to offer technical expertise and excellent customer service, ensuring that every customer is satisfied with the solutions they receive. With his passion for the industry and his commitment to his customers, Larry is an important player in the vacuum technology sector.

To connect with Larry for local technical support for your vacuum project, visit https://ancorp.com/contact-us/