Quick Disconnects (Couplings)

Quick disconnect fittings, also called quick connect couplings, are a fast and easy way to make and break a vacuum seal onto metal or glass tubing. These useful fittings can be welded, brazed, soldered, or flange-mounted onto your vacuum system, chamber, or flange. They are commonly used to mount vacuum measurement gauges, feedthroughs, and other accessories.

Quick disconnects consist of a body, O-ring, retaining ring, and nut. As the nut is hand-tightened, it compresses the O-ring onto the outer diameter of metal or glass tubing.

Quick Disconnect Assmebly Diagram

Sizes for quick disconnect fittings are based on the outer diameter of the tube that will be inserted into the assembly. Quick disconnects are available in thin wall and thick wall thicknesses. Thin wall quick disconnects are used when the body will be welded to a vacuum system. Thick wall are used when the body will be soldered on.

ANCORP manufactures the body, plug, and retaining ring of quick couplings from 304 stainless steel. The nut is manufactured from 303 stainless steel. Quick disconnect fittings offered by ANCORP are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC lathes to ensure consistency with dimensional tolerances and extremely fine surface finishes. Water soluble, non-sulfur-based coolants are used during the manufacturing process. The fittings are cleaned in an ultrasonic de-ionized water-based cleaning system and vacuum packaged free from visible particulates and oils, ready for immediate use in any vacuum application.