Dry-Ice Trap

    • Trapping media: stainless steel well
    • Pump protection from water and condensible vapor
    • Trapping system: mixture of dry ice and alcohol to trap condensible vapors in low vacuum or during initial evacuation of your vacuum system
    • Electropolished body: eases cleaning, deflects heat and reduces iron concentration on trap surfaces; increases corrosion resistance
    • Clear, loose fitting lid: See through design allows a quick check on condition of cold media. Loose fitting lid provides a simple vent for sublimating carbon dioxide and prevents “unsafe” pressure build up.
    • Clear view ring: See through design allows a quick visual check on condition of cold surface. Visually determine when cold surface needs to be cleaned due to ice bridges and pump lubricant deposition.
    • Multiple connection options (ISO-QF, hose end, contact technical sales for other connection options)

Dry-Ice Cold Trap Brochure