Chamber Lighting

ANCORP’s innovative solution for chamber lighting, the Illum-A-View is designed to address the challenges faced by researchers working in dimly lit vacuum chambers. This lightweight illumination system offers a streamlined and glare-free approach to enhance visibility.

With the Illum-a-View, hand-held flashlights or integrated “goose-neck” lamps with bothersome glares or visual blockages by the light source itself are no longer necessary. This chamber lighting solution easily attaches to the surface of existing viewports and is held in place with 3 set screws.

Key features of the Illum-A-View include:

  • Lightweight aluminum construction for a slim and efficient design.
  • Bright white LEDs focus light into your chamber, always stay cool to the touch, and have a lifespan of over 30,000 hours
  • Available in standard viewport sizes, including CF275, CF450, CF600, CF800, and CF1000.
  • Secure mounting onto viewports at any angle facilitated by three small set screws.
  • Conveniently powered by direct connection to a standard AC outlet.