Hybrid Adapters


ANCORP hybrid adapter fittings allow vacuum users to connect two dissimilar vacuum flanges or a vacuum flange to a fitting used in conjunction with vacuum process (Swagelok®, VCR®, NPT). To minimize the effect this transition fitting has on conductance, hybrid adapters are designed with the shortest length and with the largest inner diameter possible.


Please note that hybrid adapters are not used to change sizes within one flange family. Fittings used to connect two differently sized flanges from within the same vacuum flanges family are called reducer fittings.


Ball Socket Fitting to

Ball Socket Fitting To

Baseplate Fitting to

Baseplate Fitting To



Hose Adapter Fitting to

Hose Adapter Fitting To

NPT Female Fitting to

NPT Female Fitting To

NPT Male Fitting to

NPT Male Fitting To

Quick Disconnect Fitting to

Quick Disconnect Fitting To

Swagelok® Fitting to

Swagelok® Fitting To

VCR® Female Fitting to

VCR® Female Fitting To

VCR® Male Fitting to

VCR® Male Fitting To

Welch Pump Adapter Fitting to

Welch Pump Adapter Fitting To