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ConFlat (CF) UHV Flanges

ConFlat flange (CF) UHV components are available in a full range of sizes (1.33″ to 16.50″ outer diameter), fixed and rotatable styles, and tapped or clearance (through hole) bolt hole configurations.

316LN ConFlat (CF) UHV Flanges

316LN ConFlat flanges are machined from electroslag remelt (ESR) low carbon, nitrogen-rich material. 316LN CF flanges feature low magnetic permeability and increased resistance to irradiation damage, crevice corrosion, and pitting.

ConFlat (CF) UHV Fittings

ANCORP’s CF fittings make up a complete set of modular components that allow customers to make UHV connections in vacuum systems. All ANCORP CF fittings are made with flanges manufactured to industry standard specifications to ensure compatibility with other manufacturer’s flanges.

ConFlat (CF) UHV Hardware

CF hardware and seals are used to fasten flanges together to create a vacuum-tight seal. CF copper gaskets for UHV use are made from oxygen-free electronic grade and high thermal conductivity copper. FKM fluoroelastomer gaskets are also available for high vacuum use

KF (QF) and ISO Flanges

ANCORP’s KF (QF) and ISO (LF) flanges are available in a variety of designs and materials for easy integration into high vacuum systems and components. Available flange types include bored weld flanges, blank flanges, and unbored stub flanges. All KF and ISO flanges are manufactured to ISO specifications to ensure 100% compatibility with other vacuum flange manufacturers’ components.

KF (QF) and ISO Fittings

ANCORP ISO fittings are manufactured in accordance with ISO (International Standard Organization) 2861 standards and tolerances. These flanges are an economical, convenient, and simplified means of constructing custom high vacuum systems.

KF (QF) and ISO Clamps, Seals, and Fasteners

The ISO flange system provides a variety of clamps, seals, and fasteners including quick clamps (wing nut, ratchet, chain, CNC aluminum (T-nut), CNC aluminum toggle, and CNC stainless steel (hex nut)), band clamps, single claw, and double claw clamps.

Vacuum Feedthroughs

Vacuum feedthroughs facilitate the transfer of power, motion, fluids, or gases into a vacuum chamber from the outside. ANCORP’s vacuum feedthroughs are hermetically sealed to maintain your high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum environment when in use.

Vacuum Traps and Filters

High vacuum traps and filters are essential components in vacuum systems, designed to capture and remove unwanted particulates, vapors, and contaminants to maintain the purity and efficiency of the vacuum environment.

Vacuum Couplings (Quick Disconnects)

High vacuum vacuum couplings, or quick disconnects, are precision-engineered connectors designed to create a secure and flawless link between vacuum components, ensuring optimal performance and minimal leakage in ultra-high vacuum applications.

Vacuum Valves

Vacuum valves are used to control the passage and flow of gas within a vacuum system. An isolation valve, also called a shut-off valve, stops gas flow to a section of a vacuum system for the purpose of isolating a vacuum line, load lock, or chamber.