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Nipple Configurator

High Vacuum Nipples

Manufactured in the United States

At ANCORP, we specialize in providing tailored vacuum solutions that fit your unique requirements. Our manufacturing facility offers you the flexibility to design your own vacuum nipple for high and ultra-high vacuum applications.

When designing a vacuum nipple appropriate to add to your vacuum system, important considerations must be made for space allotment, flange connections, and conductance. Straight nipples are manufactured with the same size flange on each end of a straight section of tubing to extend one port to another. Reducer nipples have different sized flanges (from the same family) on each end with straight or conical tubing connecting the flanges. Conical tube sections are beneficial when looking to increase conductance to a section of your system. Half nipples are terminated with a tube cuff end on one end for vacuum users with in-house welding capabilities. And, zero-length reducers are a specialized flange-to-flange hybrid adapter with flange connections arranged concentrically resulting in a nipple with no tube length.  

Explore the possibilities below and discover how easy it is to create your perfect configuration.

Standard Selection

Explore our selection of standard nipple products with ConFlat, ISO, ASA, and hybrid flange system connections

or continue to the configurator below to retrieve the reference number of your desired nipple.

ConFlat Nipples
ISO Nipples
ASA Nipples
Hybrid Nipple Adapter

Nipple Configurator

Assemble your desired nipple configuration here

Here you will be able to design a vacuum nipple and receive the reference number of your assembly to assist in placing your standard or custom order. 

Begin the process by selecting a nipple type: full nipple, half nipple, zero-length reducer, or conical reducer.