The ANCORP Quick Flange, or QF, ISO series is sexless, infinitely rotatable, and is sealed with a Quick Clamp. ISO-QF is available for 0.5" (QF10) to 2.0" (QF50) tubing. The Large Flange, or LF, ISO series is also sexless and infinitely rotatable. However, unlike QF flanges, LF flanges are sealed with a bolt kit or claw clamps. ISO-LF is available for 2.5" (LF63) to 20" (QF500) tubing. These flanges are manufactured to ISO specifications to ensure 100% compatibility with other ISO manufacturer’s flanges. ANCORP offers ISO flanges in four different materials: 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and 6061 aluminum.

Stub weld flanges are designed for butt welds whereas socket weld flanges are designed with a tube counterbore for internal welds. Weld ring flanges are similar to socket weld flanges but with a thinner cross-sectional profile. Blank flanges have no through bore.

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