Research and Development

Within the high and ultra-high vacuum fields, researchers are making discoveries in particle acceleration, nuclear physics, transportation, medical, technology, homeland security, aerospace, and more.


Research in these fields requires vacuum systems that can withstand low pressure and high-temperature vacuum environments while also maintaining vacuum integrity and cleanliness. We work with customers making advancements in everything from beverage and food testing to environmental sustainability and aerospace.

ANCORP offers vacuum chambers, hardware, and valves to materials, physics, and chemical research labs around the world. Our components are built to endure and are reliable for demanding applications.


Research & Development


Vacuum Solutions For Research & Development


Our mission to empower transformative science and technology is manifested in the field of research and development, and our array of products enable the vacuum processes needed for scientists to make discoveries.

  • Custom Fabrication & Chambers – Engineered in collaboration with scientists, we manufacture build-to-print vacuum chambers and custom fabricated components to their required specifications. The range of vacuum processes utilized in research requires flexibility and durability in design, and at ANCORP, our manufacturing expertise covers a range of research applications.
  • CF Flanges, Fittings, and Other – Bakeable up to 450°C, CF hardware and seals, CF flanges, and CF fittings offer researchers the ability to create ultra-high vacuum environments.
  • High Vacuum Valves – Our selection of ball valves, poppet valves, and gate valves offers researchers, the ability to transfer objects between vacuum environments, and isolate vacuum volumes from other sections of the system (depending on the application).


Partnering With Scientists


As the landscape of science and technology continues to change, ANCORP is prepared to partner with researchers to meet their unique needs and challenges. With a commitment to help our customers solve problems, ANCORP stands ready to give researchers the solutions they need with products that help facilitate the discoveries of tomorrow. Contact us for more information or request a quote for a custom fabricated component.