High Conductance Ball Valves

ANCORP’s High Conductance (HC) high vacuum ball valve provides maximum conductance with a fully ported ball and a reduced overall length two-piece 316L stainless steel body. Its smooth contour maximizes heat transfer between the valve and heating components. The valve is opened or closed manually or pneumatically by 1/4 turn, quick actuation.


HC ball valves are manufactured from corrosive resistant materials to perform impressively in aggressive processes and on exhaust lines. HC ball valves can be configured to be heated and insulated for temperature stability inside the valve. Body and stem seals can be changed to meet customer specific processes as required.


These valves work exceptionally well in systems that create deposition within the vacuum lines. The Teflon sealing surface is protected from direct deposition, maintaining a clean dynamic seal to prevent failure due to contamination. The HC ball valve is a robust high vacuum valve designed to perform in the most challenging of environments.