ASA 5-Way Cross, Rotatable

Product Features

  • Designed to fit standard inch tubing O.D.’s
  • Self-aligning
  • Internal weld
  • Sexless flanges
  • Tapped and clearance (through-hole) bolt holes available
  • Rotatable flanges ease bolt hole alignment
  • Interchangeable with other ConFlat style flanges
  • Adapters to other flange systems available

Product Specifications

  • Vacuum rating: 1×10-13 Torr
  • Temperature range: -200°C to 450°C
  • Low magnetic permeability of 1.005 μmax
  • Excellent for Beamlines, XHV, X-Ray, and Laser applications
  • Heat resistant to higher temperatures
  • Increased resistance to irradiation damage
  • Resistant to crevice corrosion
  • High level of weldability
  • Resistant to pitting

*Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise specified

Part IDReference NumberA Tube O.D. Flange O.D. 3D CADDrawingUnit PriceIn StockQty, Add To Cart
Part ID6000640Reference NumberASA100-150-5X-2.50A 2.5Tube O.D. 1.5Flange O.D. 4.253D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$1,179.00Contact
Part ID6000641Reference NumberASA150-200-5X-3.25A 3.25Tube O.D. 2Flange O.D. 53D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$1,179.00Contact
Part ID6000642Reference NumberASA150-250-5X-3.25A 3.25Tube O.D. 2.5Flange O.D. 53D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$1,302.00Contact
Part ID6000644Reference NumberASA200-300-5X-3.50A 3.5Tube O.D. 3Flange O.D. 63D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$1,588.00Contact
Part ID6000646Reference NumberASA300-400-5X-5.12A 5.12Tube O.D. 4Flange O.D. 7.53D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$1,924.00Contact
Part ID6000647Reference NumberASA400-400-5X-5.12A 5.12Tube O.D. 4Flange O.D. 93D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit Price$2,021.00Contact
Part ID6000648Reference NumberASA400-600-5X-5.25A 5.25Tube O.D. 6Flange O.D. 93D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit PriceRequest a QuoteContact
Part ID6000649Reference NumberASA600-600-5X-6.44A 6.44Tube O.D. 6Flange O.D. 113D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit PriceRequest a QuoteContact
Part ID6000650Reference NumberASA600-800-5X-7.38A 7.38Tube O.D. 8Flange O.D. 113D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit PriceRequest a QuoteContact
Part ID6000652Reference NumberASA800-1000-5X-9.88A 9.88Tube O.D. 10Flange O.D. 13.53D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit PriceRequest a QuoteContact
Part ID6000651Reference NumberASA800-800-5X-7.75A 7.75Tube O.D. 8Flange O.D. 13.53D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit PriceRequest a QuoteContact
Part ID6000653Reference NumberASA1000-1000-5X-9.88A 9.88Tube O.D. 10Flange O.D. 163D CADLoginDrawingLoginUnit PriceRequest a QuoteContact